We are embarking on operations involving Life Sciences through our additional and interconnected business lines: animal Genetic Selection, human and animal Biopharmacy and Novel Farming.

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Since animals were first domesticated and breeding began more 10,000 years ago, Humans have noticed that mating animals with the highest levels of strength, quality or output quantity would help them to achieve positive developments in your flocks. Their descendants provided better breeding results and helped humans to feed their communities better.

This principle of selecting the best individuals based on the criteria of animal health, productivity, output quality and ease of breeding management provides the basis for our genetic selection business line.

While this approach (which is identical to the one for plant-based fields), has remained the same for more than 10,000 years, our knowledge and expertise have moved on a lot. Genetic selection is still playing a role in providing better food and nutrition around the world, by providing better access to animal proteins, which are essential to Human Health.

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“Life Sciences at the heart of our selection”

Thanks to cutting-edge technology combined with knowledge from the world’s leading genetics experts:

  1. We are taking closer looks at Nature’s mechanisms in order to select the “champion” animals.
  2. We are also putting together mating plans for these animals through selection programmes, through natural methods or insemination.
  3. As a result, we are strengthening the gene pool for future generations.

Groupe Grimaud has committed to protecting animal biodiversity both in its selection programmes and in species conservation programmes, in partnership with INRAE (National Research Institute for Agriculture, Food and Nutrition, and Ecology).

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Better access to animal protein throughout the world is essential for reducing malnutrition and famine, but is by no means the only criteria for improving Human Health.

We are quite confident that Human well-being is interconnected with and inseparable from that of Animals and the Planet and are committed to improving this global well-being:

Human Health, Animal Health, Biodiversity, better natural infection resistance, optimising the use of natural resources through feed conversion rates (conversion ratios), respect for animals’ natural behaviours and better animal welfare are just some of the many criteria that provide the basis for the genetic selection programmes that we have undertaken.

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Research platform

Groupe Grimaud is known throughout the world for the success and innovation of its Research & Development.

This is built on a multi-species Research platform which enables our 30 animal researchers and experts, biologists and statisticians to share their knowledge and expertise. As a result, we pool together investment programmes in order to acquire and get to grips with the latest technologies.

Whether it’s Genomics, CT-Scanner, RFID, Big Data or Precision Farming, each advance in species research helps the selection programmes for all of our subsidiaries.

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Our subsidiaries
Partner companies



Central to Human Health, we are investing in research programmes for developing very promising vaccines against Lyme disease and chikungunya, as the principal shareholder of the company Valneva.


We also support Human Health as a supplier of fundamental building blocks for essential medicines (in terms of services to Human Health).  

These products are considered to be among the most effective in the world for their properties in the treatment of rare and life-threatening diseases.

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Our support for the trio of Human Health, Animal Health and the Wellbeing of the Planet led us to set up the company Filavie in 2000, which develops vaccines aimed at livestock and domestic animals, as well as alternative-medicine solutions (helping the fight against antibiotic resistance).

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Our subsidiaries
Partner companies



Keeping a firm eye on performances and peace of mind for breeding farmers and on ensuring as great a balance as possible between Living Creatures in order to support Human, Animal and Environmental health, we are supporting projects that push for optimising conventional production and creating additional solutions for meeting the needs of all consumers.

This is all done within our “Novel Farming” division.

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We believe that one method for optimising natural breeding resources could be provided through animal feed using protein from insects, which themselves are fed by recycling by-products from human food (such as beet pulp and brewing dregs).
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Vital Meat, a cellular agriculture

Cultivating cells of animal origin is a further additional source of protein to meat. Groupe Grimaud, an advocate for animal proteins that are an essential part of a balanced diet, would also like to be a pioneer in this new production method and to have different solutions for different consumer expectations.
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These tools, which help breeding farmers with breeding decisions, are intended for the following uses: ensuring performance and peace of mind.

The installation of smart performance and environmental measure sensors (such as videos, weight, food consumption and animal welfare) which are connected to our specific algorithms help to optimise a breeding farmer’s technical-economic performances, all while providing greater peace of mind about their work (such as an instant measurement of the feed ratio, predicted weight gain and early detection of illnesses).

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A world
in better health

In 2009, Groupe Grimaud and its subsidiaries committed to a continuous improvement strategy in order to help to ensure a balance within the Living World between Humans, Animals and Plants.

By creating the “Natural Concept” initiative, our operations divisions are committed to and are working towards ensuring that the world is in a healthier state:
1. Feeding the world in an eco-friendly way
2. Supporting measures by the animal fields to improve food, nutrition and human health
3. Marrying performances in the fields of production and sustainability
4. Tapping into Biology and Life Sciences as levers for action in order to meet these challenges
5. Embarking on an improvement initiative

Buoyed by this commitment, each year, the strategy includes more than 200 professionals, teachers, students and Livestock professionals as part of a day focussing on improving Human Health, which is interconnected with the health of animals and the Planet.

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