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Developing an open-ended business model, which respects life and our planet, where the economy works to serve Humans.

Developing an open-ended business model

We believe that there are close links between Humans, Animals and the Planet in relation to their health, their welfare and their environment.

Humans cannot live sustainably without a positive relationship with the world around them. For this reason, our additional biopharmaceutical and animal genetics business lines are strongly focused on bringing together Performance and Sustainability, in order to meet food and Health needs around the world. This vision is embodied in our signature “Caring for life”. It exemplifies the conviction shared by our group and focuses on 5 key areas for us: our Customers and Partners, our Teams, Humans, Animals and the Planet.

Our Group is moving forward with the idea of an open-ended business model that respects life and our planet, where the economy works to serve humans.

Frédéric Grimaud,
CEO of Groupe Grimaud

Picture of frederic grimaud, initiator of the Caring for life business model

Developing an open-ended business model, which respects life and our planet, where the economy works to serve Humans.

caring for life

Our role is to take care of

Caring for our customers and partners

Better performances and greater peace of mind for our customers

We select animals with the best genetic potential for our customers, such as breeders’ technical/economic performance, health and animal welfare, as well as ease of breeding management. Customers will enjoy better performance and greater peace of mind thanks to our new digital services based around predictive big data!

Ensuring high-quality services

Our Quality Department is rolling out a continuous improvement plan focusing on making our teams work to serve our customers in a way that is as engaged and professional as possible. . In particular, our quality has resulted in certifications (such as ISO 9001, COFRAC, BPF and GMP), which help to objectively assess and maintain the quality of our products and services.

Taking action to improve customer satisfaction

Several hundred customers are supplied each week throughout the world. Systematic customer satisfaction surveys drive our teams’ work to constantly improve our level of service.

Taking care of our teams

Stimulating creativity and innovation

Pleasant and rewarding working conditions and a relaxed and positive style of management based on delegation, making it clear that you can make mistakes and rewarding success.

Establishing a continuous improvement strategy

“Today’s records are tomorrow’s standards”: our biggest danger is thinking that we have reached our peak in an environment that is constantly changing. In addition, we are frequently challenging our working methods in order to keep reinventing ourselves.

Promoting initiative-taking and responsibility

A delegation policy based on simple and thorough rules and tools. A management style based on emulation, discussions and interactions: “Surround yourself with the best people and get them to work as a team”.

Caring for humans

Feeding 9 billion humans

Our role is to work towards ensuring our livestock breeding is sustainable and successful so that, together, we can succeed in providing an ever-growing global population with animal protein, while, at the same time, reducing the use of natural resources.

Taking action to improve Human Health

Across the world: 9 million people die of hunger each year, 900 million people are undernourished and 150 million children have stunted growth. Access to food, nutrition and animal protein is a global Human Health challenge. At our modest level, we are working to provide greater access to high-quality animal proteins across the world.

Fighting against antibiotic resistance

We prefer to use alternative medicines and properly manage bacterial ecology. Our programme of animal vaccination in order to stimulate their natural defences, and the strict enforcement of health-protection practices mean that we only use antibiotics as a last resort.

Caring for animals

Placing animal welfare at the heart of performance

“A champion’s potential can only come out when he/she feels good.” We need to make progress every day on animal health and welfare, as these are key performance components for our customers.

Using alternative medicines

Introducing “friendly” bacteria to breeding, in the form of "developed bacterial flora", helps to protect the animals against pathogenic germs. We provide natural protection to the animals through good bacterial complexes in their feeds. Nature-based innovation for Nature!

Stimulating natural immunity in animals

In addition to developed bacterial flora (using alternative medicines), we are developing beneficial vaccination programmes which help to stimulate specific natural defences in animals through antibody production.

Taking care of the planet

Establishing environmentally-friendly mass production

Managing biological cycles better, increasing production performance and composting breeding by-products will help to reduce effluents and fertilise future crops.

Producing more while consuming less

We can limit our use of natural resources thanks to genetic progress in animal selection: just a small amount of feed can now help to produce an animal. This progress is continuing with improvements to animal feed conversion ratios.

Putting forward solutions to make improvements in livestock breeding Fields

Groupe Grimaud has launched the "Natural Concept" initiative, which calls upon its members to make improvements in order establish a balance between Living Creatures, as the Human world is interconnected with the Animal and Plant world.Find out more

CSR report

« Caring for Life », this is what motivates our contribution to sustainable development issues. Find our main 2020 actions in our CSR report.

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