GRIMAUD FRERES SELECTION has been a member of EFFAB (European Forum of Farm Animal Breeders) for many years.

The group is a European association of organisations and companies active in the field of animal breeding and reproduction, acting as a representative for its members before European institutions, non-governmental organisations and the public.

The CODE EFABAR offered by EFFAB is a code of good practice certifying that an organisation is carrying out responsible selection and breeding of farm animals. In order to qualify for the certification, an organisation must demonstrate that good practices are in force at the company in terms of sustainability, work undertaken to ensure product quality and genetic diversity, and improvements in the use of resources, environment, health and animal welfare. After having submitted its application, and engaged in frequent discussions with the EFFAB office in order to enhance their knowledge of our practices in terms of selection and breeding, GRIMAUD FRERES SELECTION obtained the CODE EFABAR certification in November last year for a period of 3 years. This certification constitutes recognition of best practices of selection at a European and even global level. This accreditation cements our commitment to the Natural Concept and our Animal Welfare policy, and therefore strengthens GRIMAUD FRERES SELECTION’s image as a responsible breeder.

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