Groupe Grimaud is a family breeding business which has grown little by little, established itself in international markets and has never stopped innovating, all while sharing its corporate values to benefit Humans.


A story of a family of breeders which is still going today.

66 - 70's

In 1966, brothers Joseph and Bernard Grimaud and their wives were duck breeders. They were passionate about breeding and life sciences, and were constantly looking to get the best results by selecting the best animals for breeding. They quickly achieved significant results and many breeders from the region came to buy their lines because of their performance.

In 1970, a partnership was established with INRA (the National Institute for Agricultural Research) in order to go further and look for the best genetic selection plans. Very quickly, Grimaud Frères ducks became a national benchmark in poultry breeding.

The beginning of the story: a booth at a conference in the 70s


Developing new species and international development.

80 - 90's

In 1984, a new species was added, with the first selections of rabbits and then pigeons starting in 1989. As the breeders were experiencing large demand from abroad, the 80s also marked the start of Grimaud Frères expanding its operations abroad and starting to lead the way on these secondary species (waterfowl, rabbits and pigeons).

Frédéric Grimaud joined the family adventure and set out to expand the Group’s operations into Asia at the start of the 90s.

In 1997, Groupe Grimaud expanded its multi-species operations by acquiring a colourful chicken and laying hen gene pool.


Buoyed by the progress made in Life Sciences, Groupe Grimaud set up the company Vivalis in 2000 for its new biotechnology operations.

2000 - 2005

In 2004, Filavie was set up in order to design and sell veterinary vaccines intended for livestock breeding fields. Biopharmacy were added to the Group’s operations as a fully fledged additional business line to genetic selection.

2005 saw the acquisition of the company Hubbard, one of the leaders in broiler genetic selection, and helped the group to grow even further, by tripling in size.

Scientist inspecting a tube

2005 - 2017

In 2008, the Group began to make moves on the laying hen selection market, by setting up the company Novogen. During the same year, it expanded its operations to pig selection, with the acquisition of Newsham and Monsanto Swine Genetics in the USA. . In 2011, an alliance was established with the pig genetics company Pen Ar Lan in France, Brazil and Poland.

Merging the group’s pig selection operations led to the Choice Genetics brand being set up in 2013. During the same year, Groupe Grimaud established an aquaculture division, set up the company Blue Genetics (shrimp genetic selection) and acquired the company Galor (specialist in guinea fowl genetics).

In 2014, a strategic alliance was established with the company Verbeek (one of the European leaders in egg laying and hatching).

In 2017, Hypharm acquired Eurolap (rabbit genetic selection).


Group consolidation, takeovers and alliances.

2018 to present


The company Hubbard was sold in 2018 and the company Vital Meat (animal protein cultivation) was set up in the same year.

Groupe Grimaud headquarters nowadays

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