There are always operations happening in at least one of our subsidiaries! Stretching out over 100 countries, our subsidiaries and distribution centres can be found on 4 continents: Europe, the Americas, Asia and Africa. This way, we can be closer to our customers (closer, yet further away!).

subsidiaries across the world

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Europe, the Americas,
Asia and Africa

the Americas

These groups are here to enrich your growth projects, wherever you are in the world: For more than 50 years, Groupe Grimaud has had a vision that brings together economic realism and a growth mindset. The Group’s development is based on the core values for its project. The Group has added the additional pillars of “international focus”, “quality” and “constant improvement” to the founding trio of “Humans”, “Investments” and “Research”, establishing a solid base.

The Group now brings in a turnover of more than €325 million from approximately one hundred different countries. 75% of this turnover is brought in from outside France.

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