About us

Welcome to our dedicated Human Resources page.

Our business lines


Animal keepers
Breeding employees
Hatchery employees
Breeding technicians
Laboratory technicians


Production managers
Site managers
Service managers
Team leaders
Building deputies


R&D engineers
Selection managers
Project managers
Genetic engineers

Operations support

Sales administration
Health and safety
General services

Administrative support

Human Resources
Information Systems
Innovation Sciences and Technologies

Our teams

Our company culture

Structure and culture
Groupe Grimaud, a fully-fledged “factory in the countryside”, built upon a family, a history and a region.

The company has now expanded to new areas and new countries, but the Group’s beliefs and cornerstones have never gone away. Despite 75% of its operations occurring abroad and its presence in 16 countries across the world, the head office has always been in Roussay, in Maine-et-Loire (49)/France.

We are now able to join forces and create a real sense of momentum so that each company can feel the benefit of the Group’s power!


Our wide range of business lines, operations (such as selection, hatching, breeding, biopharmaceutics and laboratory work) and sites enable us to provide many job and career development opportunities within the Group.

Our employees come from different backgrounds, which enriches our organisations. The personality of the candidates that we recruit is particularly important to us.

However, we also pay particular attention to complying with ethical and anti-discrimination rules (such as transparency, gender equality and disabilities).


“Helping everyone to feel good so that you can get the most out of them” is our goal and driving force.

Mistakes can happen – Work – Respect – Listening. These are our values and the cornerstones of our organisation. We also strive to develop a positive management style, based on delegation, engagement and rewarding success.

The Men and Women of the Group are the essential driving force behind our performance!

Our RH commitments


Attract, find and onboard our new talents.

 Advertising and collaboration with local partners
Interview(s) with a manager
Onboarding process and taking up the role
Beneficial company policy

Gender equality index women-men 2023: 55/60


Develop skills in our teams throughout their careers.
Listening to our teams’ needs
Training areas established by managers and approved by Management
Individual and group apprenticeships, professional project, skills assessment and training

Carreers & mobility

Supporting and developing all of our employees.
Work interview for each employee at least every 2 years
Expert frontline managers, who are passionate about their work
Training programmes delivered by a mentor

Working environment

Creating positive and pleasant working environments.
Shared and happy spaces: such as relaxation areas and cafeterias.
Working from home
Preventive measures: such as heating and shiatsu
Movement and posture training

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