Our history


Developing new species and international development.

80 - 90's

In 1984, a new species was added, with the first selections of rabbits and then pigeons starting in 1989. As the breeders were experiencing large demand from abroad, the 80s also marked the start of Grimaud Frères expanding its operations abroad and starting to lead the way on these secondary species (waterfowl, rabbits and pigeons).

Frédéric Grimaud joined the family adventure and set out to expand the Group’s operations into Asia at the start of the 90s.

In 1997, Groupe Grimaud expanded its multi-species operations by acquiring a colourful chicken and laying hen gene pool.


Innovations in new businesses and change of scale of the Group


Driven by the progress brought about by Life Sciences, Groupe Grimaud created Vivalis in 2000: a new activity focused on biotechnologies.

In 2004, Filavie was created to design and market veterinary vaccines for the animal production sector. Biopharmacy was added to the Group’s activities as a genuine complementary business to genetic selection.

In 2005, the Group acquired Hubbard, one of the leaders in broiler genetic selection, which enabled it to triple its size.

In 2008, the Group entered the layer selection business by creating a new player in the market: Novogen. That same year, it extended its activities into pig breeding by acquiring Newsham and Monsanto Swine Genetics in the USA.


Group consolidation, takeovers and alliances.


In 2011, an alliance was formed with the pig genetics company Pen Ar Lan in France, Brazil and Poland.
The merger of the group’s pig breeding activities gave rise in 2013 to the Choice Genetics brand. That same year, Groupe Grimaud created an aquaculture branch and gave birth to the company Blue Genetics (genetic selection of shrimps) and acquired the company Galor (specialist in Guinea fowl genetics).

In 2014, a strategic alliance was formed with Verbeek (one of the European leaders in egg laying).

The acquisition of Eurolap (rabbit genetics) by Hypharm was completed in 2017.

The Hubbard company was transferred in 2018 and Vital Meat (cultivated animal protein) was founded in the same year.


The Group consolidates its core business, puts sustainability at the heart of its project and develops innovative proteins.


Birth of the company “Fly Genetics” in 2021, specialising in the genetic selection of insects, in a joint venture with the company Nasekomo.

In the same year, Galor is absorbed by Grimaud Frères to strengthen the “festive poultry” branch. In laying hens, the Group transfers the company “Novogen” to change scale and acquires the company “VPI” (embryonated eggs for the production of human vaccines).

In 2022, the Group joins forces with Sea Products Development in Texas to strengthen Blue Genetics as a leader in shrimp breeding.
“Caring for life”: Groupe Grimaud becomes “Entreprise à mission” that same year and includes in its articles of association its action in favour of environmental and societal issues.

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