Our role in multi-species genetic selection, Biopharmacy and Novel Farming is to respond to global food and health needs and provide solutions that establish a balance between living creatures.

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Experts in genetic selection discussing in a duck breeding farm


Harnessing cutting-edge technologies and more than 50 years of expertise in animal genetics, we naturally select the best-performing and longest-lasting breeding animals in order to meet the various expectations of breeding farmers and consumers on global markets. We provide a technical support and related services for animal management, enabling them to make the most of their genetic potential.


A grimaud researcher is observing a blood sample


Buoyed by our genetic selection knowledge, we are expanding human and animal biopharmacy operations. With human and animal health in mind, we are creating and selling vaccines, autovaccines, probiotics and pharmaceutical raw materials.

Dots on a aerial view of the map point out localisations of novel farming

Novel Farming

We are keeping a firm eye on forward developments in livestock breeding Fields and are exploring pioneering projects to make our Breeding more sustainable and successful, such as precision farming and additional sources of animal protein (such as cellular meat and insect protein).

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Genetech is the genetic selection branch of Grimaud


Genetech is Groupe Grimaud’s multi-technology R&D innovation platform. It aims to share our 35 multi-species scientists’ research work and expertise. It also helps to speed up genetic developments by pooling R&D investments.
Natural concept is a Grimaud initiative for caring for life

NATURAL CONCEPT, feeding the world in an eco-friendly way

Natural Concept brings together stakeholders from animal Fields as part of a development strategy to improve the world’s health. Science and Biology help us to assess Nature’s mechanisms and replicate them in order to better meet the needs of Human Health, Animal Health and Global Sustainability.

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