Groupe Grimaud is partnering the start-up Nasekomo, led by a Franco-Bulgarian team, to form a European champion of the genetic selection of black soldier flies.

The objective of this insect sector, under construction, is to recycle and use agricultural waste and co-products to produce environmentally friendly, local and efficient food for fish farming and poultry farming in particular.

The larvae of black soldier flies act as “bioconverters”: they are fed with waste (vegetable scraps, beet pulp, etc.) and then transformed into a protein-rich flour.
Fly Genetics is positioned upstream in the sector and will use Groupe Grimaud’s knowhow as a breeder to supply black-soldier flies that are more efficient bioconverters than the “non-domesticated” fly strains used by the sector. Cédric Pincent, R&D Engineer at the Groupe Grimaud, is in charge of carrying out the selection programme.

This new species is fully in line with the Groupe Grimaud’s strategy, which is investing in the sustainability of conventional animal production by developing industrial projects directed at innovative animal proteins.

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