NOVOGEN: Successful start for the new hatchery


After becoming a global player in layer genetics, Novogen is looking to the future and setting its sights on growth by inaugurating new production facilities.

In addition to investing in innovative research and development (R&D) tools and approaches, Novogen invested in the 2019 acquisition of the hatchery at the Gare d’Uzel (Saint-Hervé in Brittany). The company renovated the hatchery with state-of-the-art equipment to comply with its strategy of excellence in the quality of products delivered.

This investment was essential to meet the growing demand for Novogen products. The hatchery will be used to produce grandparent stock to be distributed worldwide and parent stock to be distributed in EMEA (Europe, Middle East, and Africa) and Asia.

The hatchery’s first delivery was completed in the first week of November 2020, and it met all performance and quality expectations, a truly collective success for the entire hatchery team.

This new hatchery adds to the existing Novogen facilities in the United States and Brazil, which allow us to deliver chicks to North and South America. The Novogen team now stands ready for the future!

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