2nd edition of natural concept day


On 11 December 2018 at the Agrocampus Ouest in Rennes (France), 200 livestock breeding professionals, students, and stakeholders in research and training met for the 2nd Natural Concept Day.

Issues regarding sustainability in breeding, with a particular focus on demedication and animal welfare, were key topics of discussion for the day, which is a result of the partnership between the Groupe Grimaud, Evolution and Agrocampus Ouest.

Studies, presentations, round table discussions and testimonials: the societal expectations surrounding these topics, and the responses implemented by sector stakeholders, were all addressed by the many speakers who came together for the event.

The “Natural Concept” Award took place in the afternoon. This competition revolving around presenting theses in pitches rewarded three PhD students for their work.
The end of the event provided an opportunity to officially sign off the new Fondation Agrocampus Ouest Chair, “Futurs d’élevage” (Breeding Horizons) which unites the Groupe Grimaud and Evolution group with Agrocampus Ouest.

Looking back on the day in figures and images…

Key figures

Breeding at high school: a complete programme!

For 82% of high school students animal welfare is their first concern when it comes to breeding.

The number of seconds given to the three PhD students to present their thesis as a pitch.


“One Welfare”

A concept linking animal wellbeing, human wellbeing and the ecological functioning of the environment in which animals and humans live.


During the speech by Bleu Blanc Cœur on the topic
“Reconciliation of mode of production and societal expectations is possible!”
Nathalie Kerhoas, director of the organisation, highlighted sustainable health and the One Health concept (health of the land, animal health, human health).
Today, health is the number 1 concern of French people in food.

In pictures

Round table “Animal wellbeing and demedication, response from the sector”


Dr Laurent SCHIBLER, Development & Innovation Manager Allice Boris BOURDIN, CEO Food Division Euralis

Stéphane ATHIMON, Director Animal Sectors Avril Group Dr Thomas PAVIE, International Relations Director Groupe Grimaud

Denis LE GAL, Organic Cattle FarmerGAEC Keraudic

Signing of the chair “Futurs d’élevage” (Future of breeding) between Agrocampus Ouest, Evolution and Groupe Grimaud with photo.

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