The inaugural “Natural Concept” Day, a result of the partnership between the Groupe Grimaud and Agrocampus Ouest, was held on Tuesday 5th December at the Rennes facility.

This first edition brought together around 150 professionals in animal production, research and training, as well as students specialising in Animal Production and Science.
The day was an opportunity to discuss the issues of sustainable development of animal protein production chains. Following introductory remarks from Frédéric Grimaud and Grégoire Thomas (Director of Agrocampus Ouest), the day’s programme comprised lectures and discussion groups on a variety of topics, led by Patrice Moyon, a journalist for Ouest France:

  • “The place of livestock rearing in the World and challenges for the Grand Ouest” presented by Hervé Guyomard (L.I.T. Regional Innovation Laboratory)
  • “Combining productivity (or productivism) and sustainability in livestock rearing” by Yann Lecointre (Evolution XY)
  • “The place of animal-sourced proteins in the society of tomorrow”:
    • Chicken of Tomorrow by Frédéric Fagnoul (Hubbard)
    • From Farm to Fork, by Carole Galissant (Sodexo)
  • The Natural Concept, presented by Frédéric Grimaud (Groupe Grimaud)

Three PhD students (Frédéric Jehl, Florian Herry and Mathilde Lesciellour) received awards from the Groupe Grimaud for their comprehensive presentations of their doctoral research work in the field of sustainable development. The 3 candidates received tablets, and Frédéric Jehl, the winner of the competition, will shortly be welcomed to Groupe Grimaud for a day of professional immersion.

We would like to thank the speakers and participants who contributed to making this first event a success. The Natural Concept is a vision that we want to share in order to work together towards more sustainable practices that are more respectful of the environment and the living world.

Naturally, we agreed to expand our circle of editors to the network of professionals in animal breeding and the world of research. In this edition, we would like to welcome the Evolution cooperative. SAVE THE DATE!

Frédéric GRIMAUD

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