Claw trimming: towards new standards for the duck sector


A year ago Grimaud Frères Sélection was awarded an Innov’Space prize for the exclusive launch of the claw trimmer with its partner Novatech.

Most production organisations quickly took steps and introduced this process into their “welfare” procedures in response to societal demands. In one year the beaks and claws of over 5.5 million ducklings have been trimmed.

Guy-Marie Brochard, Vice President of Cicar and President of Volinéo stated: “Beak trimming has been carried out on my ducks for over seven years, trimming claws too improves the welfare of our animals and makes it more comfortable for us farmers! (…) There is a shortage of labour in our farms and it is important to anticipate societal demands: for Muscovy ducks claw trimming has become essential!”

Just like beak trimming, which become the norm in the sector 10 years ago, claw trimming is rapidly winning over the ever increasing numbers carrying out the procedure, thus placing importance on animal welfare and comfort for the farmer.

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