A reduction of more than 40% of Galor’s annual water consumption


At GALOR SAS, the three key uses of water consumption are:

  • Guinea fowl consumption.
  • Cleaning facilities (buildings used for breeding and hatchery).
  • Hatchery water to cool the incubators and hatchers. The provision of cold water is therefore necessary to remove the calories released by the OAC at the end of incubation and in the hatcher.

We also take an interest in the third use of consumption, an area in which GALOR SAS has invested in the past.

The machines’ water cooling recycling circuit (incubators and hatchers) was designed in the following way: water from the network arrives at 14°C and feeds into the first water reservoir. The water is kept at 9°C thanks to an “ice-cold water” production facility and is passed into the machine cooling system.

The hot water which returns is stored in a second reservoir. Part of this second reservoir is used for washing the hatchery, and the other part returns to the first reservoir to be cooled again to 9°C. By recycling in this way we have significantly reduced our water consumption.

Enrique Pellejero, Managing Director of Galor SAS adds: “We already had an ice-cold water production facility but it became too small after expansion, and as it got older it became less and less effective. In spring 2017, we decided to invest in a new ice-cold water production facility allowing us to recycle 100% of the water used in the hatchery.

The new facility became operational in the autumn of 2017 and allowed us to reduce GALOR SAS’s water consumption by more than 40%.»

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